About Us

HBK Polymer PlasticHBK POLİMER


As HBK POLYMER PLASTIC, we have aimed to brand our achievements by combining our 25 years of knowledge and experience in the plastics industry with our vision and mission. We continue our production activities in our company, which takes firm steps forward its ideals and targets to provide the best service to our customers with our renewed and increased product range with our new investments.

Our 3500m² company, whose headquarters and production facility are under the same roof, is located in Kapaklı and serves many sectors in the production of PVC and HFFR Granules.

We continue to be the solution partner of our valued customers with our understanding of production focused on quality and customer satisfaction, wide product range, continuous improvement and development activities, and new investments we have made for R&D and production units.

Based on the principle of “The universal measure of a person’s behavior is not what he thinks or believes, but what he does”, we aim to prevent both ourselves and our business partners from losing time with our regular and disciplined production organization and to produce products by using high-quality production equipment and state-of-the-art machinery systems. We aim to increase our quality.

We continue our efforts to improve ourselves and provide a quality service to our customers.


Making a difference with the superior service we offer to our customers and every product we produce, with our achievements that will be a model even for our competitors in the sector, to become an indelible impression company at the international level and become a unique brand.


To maximize customer satisfaction by presenting the sector's needs to our business partners in competitive market conditions and with the desired quality.