Human Resources


As the HBK POLYMER PLASTIC family, we believe that our most important value is association. In our Human Resources Policy, which we built on "Performance", "Self-Respect" and "Honesty", we apply our daily behavior style and perspective in every aspect of our lives.

• To prepare an environment and opportunity that will encourage the personal and potential development of our employees,

• To increase the efficiency of the technical labor force by making continuous improvements with a sense of responsibility,

• To ensure the continuity of a harmonious staff with team spirit, from manager to worker, by constantly monitoring and improving the performance of employees,

• To create a sustainable organizational structure with an effective and valuta talent management and career succession plan,

• By valuing the opinions and ideas of our employees, monitoring and evaluating the reflection of their dynamism and high performance on business results,

• To provide sustainable motivation to our employees,

• Keeping the safety of our employees at the highest level against occupational accidents,

They are the fundamental principles of our company.