Soft PVC Compound

a) Cable Industry

We have a wide range of products in the cable industry with our cable granules, which constitute a large part of our production.
We have many products that are resistant to oil, heat, cold, hydrocarbons, UV Rays, flame retardant, and low smoke density in the operating temperature range of -40 ̊C to 105 ̊C.

b) Roving-Gasket Industry

We produce wicking granules and industrial gaskets in the desired quality and color for doors and windows.

e) Wire Industry

We have fence wire formulas in demanded quality and color

c) Agriculture Sector

We have granules of different qualities for grafting tape, sapling ties, and irrigation gaskets.

f) Health Sector

Reach compatible and odorless granules for hose, mask, and drip tray.

d) Hose Industry

Our product range includes garden irrigation and industrial-type transparent, colored, and opaque hose granules.

g) Other

We also produce in the following areas; shoes, slippers, toys, traffic cones, etc.