Our main goal is to create an accident-free workplace with the principle of “Safety First” and to provide a working environment per the health and safety conditions in our business with the principles of Occupational Health and Safety.

HBK POLYMER PLASTIC INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. embark on accepting the human being as its most valuable asset in all its activities, creating a healthy and safe working environment, and minimizing all kinds of losses as its primary goal.

With the awareness of “prevention is cheaper than paying”, on the purpose of continuously increasing the systematic, stable, and applicable level with a preventive approach related to occupational health and safety;

  • Continuous improvement is based on work by legal regulations and standards,
  • To create a working environment to protect the health and safety of employees and to develop preventive approaches against possible occupational diseases ad injuries,
  • To take into account the possible environmental effects and occupational health and safety risks in the realization of investments and to continuously improve them,
  • To continue its activities concerning society and the environment,
  • To consider occupational health and safety as the priority in all our activities,
  • To increase the awareness of our employees with training and other activities on occupational health and safety, and to improve their behavior positively,
  • To maintain the loyalty of the employees and the success in their satisfaction,
  • To cooperate with the organizations in our region and to be in a construct that can respond to disasters and emergencies,

HBK POLYMER PLASTIC INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. interiorized as its main policy.

HBK POLYMER PLASTIC INDUSTRY AND TRADE INC. the managers within its body are responsible for ensuring the safe and healthy working of the employees, observing and improving the working conditions, eliminating the unsafe conditions determined, and providing the necessary resources;

All employees are responsible for implementing and developing the principles of the Occupational Health and Safety policy and applying the rules.